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All products are sold by the box no singles.

We manufacture and supply wholesale Pillar Candles, Votives, Tea Lights and glass votive holders.

We can supply wholesale orders in bulk for events and weddings.

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Prices have gone up please check before ordering.
We have recently improved the website and raised our prices to reflect wax price increases.
All orders over $500.00 may  qualify for  a further discount depending on your yearly average order quantity.

Our Pillar Candles and votives are made in the USA, all of our candles and votives are made to the very highest standards. We sell candles and glass votive holders by the box at wholesale prices.

Wholesale prices for weddings, lantern festivals and events. Pillar candles are dripless and smooth, unscented

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Pillar Candles have been around since the dawn of time, early man used animal fat for his candles which of course spluttered and spat hot fat and gave of a dirty black smoke and smelled of cooked animal. Over the years candles have been refined and perfected and generations of man have loved and used candles to lit up the dark nights. Then along came electricity and candles where no longer needed... or where they. Most symbolic or religious occasions still use candles to shine that special light on an event and remind us of our roots. Today candles are seen as mood setters and are vital to creating that special feeling for a thanks giving dinner or a romantic Pillar candle lit dinner.

Some of our candle holder designs echo the ancient times and all of our candles are the result of thousands of years of testing and we hope that you will enjoy the clean smoke free nature of our votive candles.

All Items below are suspended from ordering and shipping until further notice.

Wall Sconces
Shadow Casters
Fairy votives
Candle Spikes

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